A guide for parents/carers and students

For use during the enforced closure of Birkenhead Park School due to the Covid-19 Virus

In order to support students and parents to access online learning in a straightforward way, we have compiled all resources into the areas above/below for each year group.

The contact details of Key Curriculum Staff are here so that students and parents can request support or additional resources should this be required, and I know that many of you have already made good use of this channel of communication. Much of the weekly activities are self-marking, however, any work which requires marking and/or feedback can be submitted to these staff.

Click here for Key Contacts.

There are a wide range of online resources that can be accessed below. The website has been updated with a more focused plan, this will allow students to follow the content of the curriculum that they would have been studying in school on a weekly basis. Teachers will plan activities that relate as closely as possible to current class content or skills.

The activities will reinforce existing understanding or introduce new content as planned in regular learning programmes. This supplements the text books and other paper-based materials that students took home before we closed.

We understand that there may be issues with home connectivity and we will be mindful of this, key curriculum staff will do their best to provide direction for all students.

Please do what you can to encourage your child to continue to learn from home and maintain good routines and self-discipline during this enforced period of school closure. However, we also understand the pressures that come with having your children at home in the current circumstances.  Please do not feel pressured for your children to complete a specific number of hours of learning – We know that you will do what you feel is best for your own children at this time.

Although the school gates are currently closed to the vast majority of students, be in no doubt that we remain committed to providing support to you and your children throughout this period of closure.

Peter Mee

Deputy Headteacher


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