Below you will find the most up to date learning plans with weekly guidance for what Year 7 Students should be studying for each subject. Each plan includes the resources necessary to complete the activity, you may need to download some of these further down this page. Following these plans closely ensures you have everything you need to continue with a positive learning experience from home. Remember you can contact teaching staff and year leaders here if you have any questions: Key Contacts →


What to do:

  1. Download the 'Summer Remote Learning Plan' for the subjects you/your child studies
  2. Download any extra resources for that subject from the list below
  3. Follow the Summer Remote Learning Plan's weekly activity

Year 7 Home Learning


Download Resources (alphabetical by subject):


Character - My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule

Character - My Awe Moment (activity for 6th July)

Character - Compliments (activity for 13th July)


English - Year 7 Activities


Food Technology - Year 7 Tasks 1-12


Geography - Year 7 Geography Activities


Music - Section of the Orchestra Passport (April & May Activity)

Music - Top Ten Band (1st June Activity)

Music - My Music (8th June Activity)

Music - A-Z Instruments (15th June Activity)

Music - Design a CD Cover (22nd June Activity)

Music - Design a Band Logo (6 July Activity)

Music - Design a Band Logo Part 2 (6 July Activity)

Music - Desert Island Discs (13 July Activity)


Science - Year 7 Resources

Science -


Spanish - Remote Learning Work Booklet

Spanish - Quizlet Guide