MARCH 2021 UPDATE: Students will be returning to school as normal from Monday 8th March, with staggered start dates for each year group. Click here to see our most recent letter to parents for more information.


Information for parents and students

As part of our commitment to giving our students the best possible education in the current circumstances, we have introduced a brand new remote learning system for students to use during lockdown. Our expectation is that all students attend school as they normally would so that they can access the full breadth of our curriculum.

All students will be able to access live lessons, assigned tasks, class resources and homework through Microsoft Teams. This means that they will not be disadvantaged and can follow their normal daily timetable and curriculum content.

Microsoft Teams can be accessed through a desktop computer, laptop or other electronic device and staff have worked with students so that they understand how to use the software. If there are any barriers to learning, for example access to electronic devices, understanding how to log in/use the software or access to exercise books/ equipment, please contact the school and a member of staff will be happy to support.

Teachers will be taking daily registers to monitor attendance and engagement in our remote learning offer. Parents/ carers will be contacted directly by their child’s year leader to support if there are any barriers to learning.
Teachers will be assessing student progress through lesson AFL, quizzes and by assessing work produced. It is important that all work is completed during lessons and uploaded to Microsoft teams. Students must also complete homework and set assignments so teachers can get an accurate picture of overall progress and are able to provide meaningful feedback which they will do regularly.
In the event that it is not possible to for a student to access our online offer, please contact the school and we will provide alternative paper based resources.

Thank you all for your efforts with home schooling, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further support.


Miss Clarke
Assistant Head teacher



How to access Microsoft Teams

If you are using a desktop or a laptop (recommended), you can access Teams on any browser at:

If you are using a phone or a tablet, download the Microsoft Teams App



Students have been issued with a Microsoft Teams user guide which can also be accessed by clicking here.







Visit our Safeguarding for Remote Learning page for details of our safeguarding information. Additionally, our remote learning policy can be found in the information section of the website under policies. 


Useful Websites

As well as students having full access to their curriculum on Microsoft Teams we have also included a list of recommended website that students can use to support their learning from home.









History and Geography


Modern Foreign Languages


Home Learning Resources

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch; the contact details of Key Curriculum Staff are here so that students and parents can request support or additional resources should this be required.