It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to The Birkenhead Park School.

Here at The Birkenhead Park School we believe passionately that all our students deserve the highest quality education that we can provide.  Our school is forward thinking, with a focus on traditional educational values. 

We offer a broad curriculum that is designed to ensure that all our students achieve the very best academic qualifications.  We have high expectations of our students, both academically and in terms of standards of behaviour and uniform.  Visitors comment regularly on how smart our students look and how well they conduct themselves.  Our last OFSTED visit confirms this and states that “students learn in a calm and harmonious environment”. 

We are just as proud of our wide-ranging enrichment activities, which mean that our students have the opportunity to develop wider skills and take part in clubs and trips they may not have previously considered possible.  

Our dedicated team of pastoral staff in our Student Services Centre ensure that all students are supported every day to be happy and successful.  Our approach is both compassionate and tenacious.

New students in Year 7 benefit greatly from an enhanced transition process from primary school.  Our Year 7 Base is designed to ease this transition and has resulted in Year 7 students who are confident and settle into high school life very quickly.  Year 7 students also have their own entrance, recreation area and lunchtime arrangements.

I would be delighted to show you around our school should you wish to visit and see for yourself what The Birkenhead Park School has to offer.


   Helen Johnson