Welcome to The Birkenhead Park School.

All Year 7 students are taught in our Year 7 Base for the majority of their time.  Here they benefit from having their own entrance, recreation area and a lunchtime that is separate from the remainder of the school. This exciting new development now helps our youngest students to quickly gain confidence, settle in and successfully start the next phase of their education.

Here at The Birkenhead Park School we hold very high expectations of our students and have traditional and rigorous approaches to uniform, behaviour and discipline. The support we offer our students is both compassionate and tenacious, and our specialist team of staff in our Student Services Centre are skilled in supporting students to be successful.

We believe that our students deserve every opportunity to enrich their lives and broaden their horizons through extra-curricular activities and visits both at home and overseas. We now provide a wide range of clubs and activities to choose from and with free music tuition available we expect all our students to undertake at least one activity each week.