27 June 2017

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Barbara Cannell and Dawn Robinson who now both work at Devonshire Park Primary School attended the ‘Discover Birkenhead’ event held last week at The Birkenhead Park School with Year 5 pupils, in which they were taught about the history of the school as well as the local area and its community.


Speaking about returning to the school in which her other five siblings and father also attended, Mrs Cannell, Teacher at Devonshire Park Primary School said “happy memories came flooding back, the school has a fantastic ethos which shines through in its staff and students and I have loved coming back”


Mrs Robinson who is now a Teaching Assistant at Devonshire Park Primary School added “It makes me smile coming back to the school, I remember how much I enjoyed the Sport Clubs the school offered and it is lovely to still see Sport is so popular at the school today.”


The children were given four investigations during the event focussing on finding out about Birkenhead Park, the impact of World Wars I and II, famous people of the local area and the history of The Birkenhead Park School itself. In groups, they created timelines to preserve the history for future generations.


Headteacher Mrs Johnson said, “it is always nice to welcome former students back to the school and especially during an event such as ‘Discover Birkenhead’. It brings back fond memories for them and allows them to reflect on their own success since leaving.”