9 January 2019

Character lessons are about building confidence, resilience and an outlook on kindness and respect towards everybody in school and within society.

Thinking about how others have helped them and ways in which to demonstrate gratefulness, students wrote a thank you note to a member of staff of their choice. The response that the students gave was overwhelming, taking staff in the Character team over ten hours to go through the thousands of notes received.

Head of the Character programme, Miss Dawes, said: “The students really did go above and beyond. Some of the notes were even written in French to thank the French teachers for all of their help and every member of staff received at least one.”

The first year of the Character programme will allow students to focus on areas such as being kind and considerate to others even if they hold different views or beliefs. Looking for opportunities to be kind, showing people respect at all times and being aware that the choices they make can have a long term impact on others.

The thank you notes to staff allowed the students to be thoughtful and kind whilst demonstrating appreciation and respect.