Catering services here at The Birkenhead Park School are provided by Chartwells, a leading provider of catering and support services within education.

Food served conforms to government guidelines ensuring the provision of healthy, nutritional foods within a realistic tariff.

We serve a wide choice of food and beverages allowing students to benefit from a positive nutritional balance supporting a healthy lifestyle and meals are served that reflect the cultural, medical and dietary needs of our students.

In light of concerns about student health & good nutrition, Chartwells has developed its unique 'Eat, Learn, Live' brand concept focused on these 3 key areas:

Breakfast Club

Whole School from 08.00 am to 08.35 am

The Breakfast Club service offers a choice of toast and hot and cold drinks to set our students up for the day.

Mid-Morning Break

Whole School from 11.15 am to 11.30am

During the morning break we provide a selection of freshly prepared toast, cheese on toast, bacon, croissants, bagels & focaccia pizzas.

Lunch Break

Lunch breaks are staggered and all students have 30 minutes.

Our extensive and varied main menu changes in three week cycles and includes: Moroccan Style Chicken Stew, Home Battered Fish & Chips and Mexican Beef Birria, plus a range of Pizzas, Pasta and a Fresh Salad Bar.

School Dinner Menu

Is your son/daughter eligible for Free School Meals?

You may be able to claim Free School Meals if, as a parent, you receive financial support from the government.

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