8 February 2017

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As part of the Year 7 Vocabulary Challenge, students at the School were asked to build on their own individual learning skills and put their English skills to the test. Students had to complete a series of tasks on their own initiative, aimed at developing their writing skills across the curriculum. The tasks included starting a sentence with an adverb, using three alternative words for ‘and’, and using the word ‘until’ in a sentence. These tasks supported the students in understanding that English is a transferable skill which can be applied across all other subjects.


The Challenge has a positive impact on the overall quality of students’ written work, which will support them in accessing higher grades in GCSE exams.


Ola, who is originally from Poland and who has English as an additional language, excelled in the Challenge and picked up the trophy from Headteacher, Mrs Johnson, earlier this week.


Mrs Kirwan, Head of Year 7, said “Ola’s engagement, classwork and homework are all graded as good or outstanding and now she has won this award. Having come from St Werburgh’s Primary School, Ola has made friends instantly due to her kind nature and fun personality, She is an enthusiastic and hardworking student.


Ola said “I really enjoyed taking part in challenge and am so pleased I have won.


Real credit to Ola for completing the Challenge off her own bat and taking responsibility for her own learning skills.


Well done Ola!