8 March 2017

The six-week programme focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of students and includes sessions on challenging negative thoughts, the importance of sleep and diet and using gratitude to build resilience.


The scheme, which was created by Psychology teachers, Roy Owen and Amanda Hoey of Birkenhead Sixth Form College, consists of six 45-minute sessions, each specifically designed to assist students in coping with the daily demands of life in a fast evolving world.


Standing for Positivity, Ambition, Resilience and Thoughtfulness, BePART, aims to allow the students to learn different techniques for a mentally healthier and happier lifestyle, and is strongly grounded in scientific research and techniques.

Year 7 student, Aron, said: “Last week, we were asked to think about somebody who is important to us in our lives and write them a letter. I really enjoyed doing this as it made me think about how lucky I am in life.”


Each class includes a task, such as writing a gratitude diary, as well as meditation at the beginning of the session to allow the students to relax and take the time to think about how they are feeling.


Headteacher at The Birkenhead Park School, Helen Johnson, said: “I am extremely proud that we are going to be able to offer our students this unique programme in addition to the academic and enrichment opportunities they already have. The welfare of our students is of the highest priority and, with BePART’s grounding in proven science, I am confident that the programme will lead to improving the lives of our students both in their academic work and outside of school.”


Liverpool John Moores University is also involved in the scheme, assisting in research and evaluation of the impact of ‘BePART’.


Programme creator, Roy Owen, said “The outcomes of the research mean that we can continue to evaluate the programme and evolve the concept to ensure we keep delivering techniques which help lead to positive and thriving lifestyles for our students. We want the students to be able to take what they have learnt from the sessions and use these skills to help them be successful in school and beyond.”