24 April 2019

Students from Denmark are given a warm welcome by The Birkenhead Park School

The students are visiting for two days and will be taking part in various school lessons, honing their performance skills in Drama and taking part in Mathematical challenges . Each student has been given a Birkenhead Park School buddy who will look after them, show them around the school and make them feel welcome. They will also be on hand to answer any questions about life in a British school.

25 March 2019

Year 7 students visit local Islamic centre

Year 7 students had the opportunity last week to visit The Wirral Deen Centre in Birkenhead.

12 March 2019

Celebrating World Book Day

Staff and students celebrated World Book Day last week by decorating their doors, taking part in a book hunt and playing Literacy based games.

11 February 2019

School Librarian wins’ Book Fair Organiser of the Term’ with Scholastic.

Librarian at The Birkenhead Park School, Miss Smith, has won £250’s worth of book vouchers for the school through the Scholastic Book Fair.

4 February 2019

Students use 'PiXL Apps' to help support their learning

The skills based assessment PiXL Apps contain a range of in-built questions that allow students to practice the core skills within subjects such as Mathematics and English to ensure success.

29 January 2019

Head of Year visits Cape Town to inspire young children

Head of Year 10 at The Birkenhead Park School, Mr Huyton, is to visit Cape Town again in February to meet young children and set up a new project with a foundation he helped establish in 2010.

29 January 2019

Year 11 students learn new skills to help them with interviews.

As part of our extensive commitment to helping our students plan for the future, Year 11 took part in an activity which was delivered by staff on the importance of preparing for and having a successful interview.

22 January 2019

Character lessons are helping students understand the importance of kindness, respect and confidence.

New Character lessons which are taking place at The Birkenhead Park School focus on changing the culture of our communities.

21 January 2019

Ready, Steady, Cook!

15 January 2019

Welcome to our ‘ Reading Buddies’

Our new peer scheme ‘Reading Buddies’ is proving to be a huge success with students.

15 January 2019

Be PART at The Birkenhead Park School

Year 7 students have been taking part in a six-week programme which focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of students and includes sessions on challenging negative thoughts, the importance of sleep and diet and using gratitude to build resilience.

9 January 2019

Students Write Thank You Notes To Teachers.

As part of our brand new ‘Character’ lessons, students have been writing thank you notes to members of staff.